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It's a good start. I was able to run beyond the screen, resulting in the game eventually stopping. Having to constantly stop running in a run game to make sure that you're at a comfortable difficulty or to keep from going off the screen is pretty annoying. It would make sense to give a fixed running motion and allow the player to move left and right, or--should you choose to keep it with the player having full control of the running--allow the player to run to the left as well instead of waiting for the screen to catch up. Another alternative is to have a fixed running point and left/right controls the speed at which the game runs.

Pizzamakesgames responds:

Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it! Just in case you'd care, you've kinda been featured, in a way. http://mostlyflyinganchovies.tumblr.com/post/86196950492/game-dev-blog-4-evaluating-critique

Yaaaaaaay, Nihilism! :D
Not much of a game exactly, but I like it.

Obvious copy of achievement unlocked...some of the achievements names aren't even changed, for example, "skewerephant." Doesn't make much sense since the character is a bee, not an elephant.

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I actually like this, but it's painful to listen to (especially with headphones). I think the low end--particularly the bass drum--is very loud (probably intentional given that it's dance music). The synth effect of swelling and abruptly cutting off might be exacerbating it.

Definitely felt that swinging you mentioned.

Stapless responds:

cheers mate, i've adjusted the lower end abit, sadly i've already bounced out the synths midi into audio to as it is :( but thanks!

Pretty awesome, dude

You might want to consider more than just bass and drums backing up the solo guitar though...it sounded kinda empty. Good job overall.

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